Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What a week!

What a week it's been!  Actually, it's been closer to two weeks.  And while I hate to complain.....  Oh who am I kidding?  I've been throwing myself a huge, giant pity party, complete with balloons, streamers and even a DJ!  In other words, I've been a mess.

So, almost two weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with this massive, weird head/face pain.  I quickly realized that if I lay on my back with my face pointing straight at the ceiling, everything was fine.  But if I tilted my head to either side...  OUCH!  I stuffed the pillows around my head so I couldn't move & went back to sleep.  When I woke up in the morning, everything was fine.  But later that afternoon/evening, I thought I might be getting a toothache.  The toothache got worse over the next few days and so did the headache.  But the headache was sort of an earache so I figured it was really part of the toothache.  We don't have dental insurance so I was going to wait until payday to go to the dentist.  But the toothache and the headache continued to get worse, the inside of my mouth began to swell, the two ibuprofen every four hours became every two hours, then became three every two hours, the Orajel stopped working and I actually bruised my face in a couple of places from pushing back against the pressure.  It was time to admit defeat and go to the doctor.

Turns out, I had both a sinus and an "oral" infection that was in my gums and cheek.  The doctor gave me a sack full of drugs and I'm beginning to feel much better.  Thank goodness!  Lifeguard and Sea You Later colorways
Scarf knit with Knit Picks Stroll Gradient

Throughout my giant pity party, I continued to go to work so I haven't had a 'sick day' to spend knitting, but I have managed to make a little progress on my Hasselhoff scarf.  I'm at the point where I could finish it if I had a full day to spend knitting.  In other words, I hope to have it finished by the end of June.

And since it's Wednesday, I need to talk about what I'm reading.  (Join me over on Kat's blog for this week's book discussion.)  I've sort of given up on Pressure Drop (there were too many different story lines going on at the same time & I just couldn't keep up) and have begun Only the Truth by Adam Croft.  It's a hard book to put down.  Almost from the moment the crime takes place, the murder's identity is obvious to the reader which makes me think it's probably not so obvious at all.  I can't wait to find out what really happened.

Meanwhile, it's time to go take another pill.


  1. how horrible!! I hope you mend quickly and that there is nothing wrong once you are done with the meds. Feeling in pain is never fun and consumes the whole day. Love your knitting!

    1. Thanks,Karen. I'm much better. It's just a dull ache now compared to the previous being repeatedly hit with a hammer sensation. :)

  2. You so deserve a pity party (and plenty of drugs)! I am sorry to hear this as I think dental and sinus pain is just awful, but am glad to hear that you're improving! I hope your pain is completely gone very soon and you can get back to enjoying your lovely knitting, reading, and the rest of your life!

  3. Ugh! That's so awful! There's nothing worse than mouth pain! I'm glad you got it sorted out and are on the mend.