Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Off my rocker

I'm questioning my sanity.  I started a new Pi shawl....

circular lace shawl knit for
Scrap Sock Yarn Pi Shawl

.... using scrap sock  yarn.  Am I completely off my rocker?  It's either going to be the most hideous thing ever knit or it's going to be a gorgeous thing to behold.  At the moment, it's at the Really, Really Hideous stage that scrap yarn projects tend to experience in their early stages.  We'll have to wait & see how it turns out.  Whatever happens, I'm determined to use up a good chunk of my scrap yarn collection.  I need to make more room for the 'real' yarn stash.

While I knit around and around and around, I'm also reading Pressure Drop by Peter Abrahams.  Although I'm a little confused about the story line, I am enjoying the book.  I think my confusion is mostly due to reading myself to sleep after 14 hour shifts but.....  The story alternates between a deep sea diving accident (was it an accident??) and woman who decides to have artificial insemination using an anonymous sperm donor.  The baby gets kidnapped immediately after being born and I get the impression that the anonymous sperm donor may have something to do with both the kidnapping and the diving accident.  Another reason I'm a little confused about the story line is that I'm having trouble putting it down.  I tend to read until  I fall asleep still holding my Kindle. I keep waking up hours later, laying on the Kindle, unable to remember what happened over the last few pages.  Honestly, I'm pretty surprised I haven't rolled over on it & cracked the screen yet.

So, what are you reading? Knitting? Crafting?  Join me over at Kat's Unraveled Wedenesday post.


  1. I do believe I see beauty! This is going to be wonderful and warm :) All the knitting memories of projects past.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I hope you're right and yes, the knitting memories is one of the best things about scrap projects.

  3. There is something calming about knitting round and round, along with memories of past projects. I can see your initial confusion about the artificial insemination/diving accident story line! It's got some pretty good ratings, so hopefully all will be revealed (and make sense)!

  4. I hope the story sorts itself out in a believable way. Your shawl will be stunning!

  5. Scrap yarn projects have a magical way of working out in the end.
    I often have to reread sections of books I read at bedtime.

  6. I think you will be surprised at the final Pi Shawl - and I think you will get so many compliments on it! Keep knitting! I love it so far! :)