Friday, May 26, 2017


Oh! My! Gosh!  I am SO excited!

erasable pens, erasable markers and erasable highlighters
Pilot Frixion

My new favorite toy was hiding in Wednesday's post.  My new Pilot FriXion Erasable pen.  Oh! My! Gosh!  It actually erases!


Pilot Frixion pen writes smoothly and erases cleanly
smooth ink flow


Pilot Frixion erasable pen
erases cleanly

The ink is actually erased!  Not smudged, not rubbed into the paper until the paper disappears, but actually erased!  Pilot's Frixion line even has markers and .... get ready for it.... highlighters!  Erasable highlighters!  YES!  My world is complete.

And the excitement doesn't end there.  For the ex-homeschooling science experiment loving geek in me, the pens are a science experiment waiting to happen.  According to the packaging, if the pen is stored in temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the ink will turn clear.  In order to return it to its proper color, you must put it in a freezer & let the pen reach 14 degrees.  I can not wait to play with that fun fact!

Meanwhile, in between purposely making mistakes in my writing just so I can erase it, I've been working on my Hasselhoff shawl.

striped scarf knit with 2 colors of Knit Picks Stroll Gradient
Hasselhoff scarf

Not sure you can tell from that photo, but I've begun the third shade of blue & red.  I'm SO pleased with the way the two gradients are working together.  Almost as please as I am about my new erasable pens.

I'm absolutely giddy about my pens.  Sarah even got excited over them and stole the black one as soon as I showed it to her.  And now I anxiously await another Amazon package containing the markers, highlighters and another black pen.  Once it's existence is known, a girl just can't live without a black erasable pen!


  1. isn't it amazing that pens can erase and highlighters??? that blows my mind. your knitting is quite lovely and I am going to be starting a few project as soon as yarn comes in the mail :)

  2. The reds and blues are just lovely!!

    1. Thanks! I am absolutely loving how this knitting project is turning out.