Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cybernetic Spiders

Because my life is not strange enough, we now have a cybernetic spider living in our house.

So, yesterday afternoon, Sarah asks me if I've seen the weird spider in the office.  It has creepy blue eyes, she says.

Well, Sarah does NOT like bugs & goes into a full on panic attack if she sees even a tiny gnat.  There's no way she got close enough to a spider to see it's eyes.  I had to take a look for myself.

black spider with bright blue eyes.  Bright, bright blue eyes.
North American Jumping Spider

Sure enough!  Our spider has bright, fluorescent blue eyes.  I mean, they are seriously, bright, bright BLUE.  His eyes are so blue, you can see them from three or four feet away even though the whole spider is a little smaller than a quarter.  They are SO much bluer than that photo'd spider's. They are seriously creepy and there's no way they are natural.  He has to be some kind of cyborg spider.  Those eyes just can not be natural.  No way. No freaking way.

So now I'm left wondering, has he escaped from some kind of governmental lab?  DC is only 60 miles away.  Or maybe the government placed him here to spy on us.  Or worse, my husband is using him to track my yarn purchases.

And if cybernetic spiders aren't freaky enough.....

knitting an Annis shawl with Knit Picks Stroll Tonal and using beads instead of nupps
Beaded Annis Shawl

I was sitting out on the deck this afternoon, knitting in the bright, blinding sun when all of a sudden.... Max, our dog, comes strolling out of the house carrying a package of Pop Tarts.  He casually walked right past me, over to the steps, down the stairs & out to the shade of the tree where he began removing the Pop Tarts from their wrapper.

What kind of household am I living in??

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  1. mmm, pop tarts! I can see why he wanted them. Lovely knitting and if I saw that spider I would have let out a tiny squeak. Tiny. And I would scoop him out alive and out of the house.