Friday, April 14, 2017

World's Most Boring Blog Post

This blog post may truly qualify for the world's most boring post.  Most boring ever.

I've been working a lot of hours this week and haven't been able to get much knitting in, nor photos taken.  My mitered square blanket stats are currently:

Total squares needed:  384

Total squares knit:  240

Total squares remaining:  144

The weird thing about it is, even while I'm bitching and moaning about how long it's taking me to complete this blanket and how badly I want it to be finished, all I can think about is knitting another one using Knit Pick's new Stroll Gradient.  I'm also slightly obsessed with the idea of buying all the blues and knitting another Find Your Fade, but that's an idea for another day.

And for a bit of color...

Eiffel tower in spring; eiffel tower surrounded by tulips and spring flowers.
Paris in the spring, courtesy of

Okay, so that's not my actual view walking into work each day, but it's close.

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  1. wouldn't that be the best view ever??? Keep going on your blanket, it's going to be fabulous :)