Friday, March 24, 2017

Photo Friday

Photo Friday... sort of like Wordless Wednesday.

scarp  yarn mitered square blanket, hand knit.
Mitered Squares Blanket

Between struggling with the decision of what to knit next and my over-flowing containers of scrap yarn, I decided to pull out the mitered square blanket.  I hadn't touched it in ages yet I was so close to finishing it.  Or so I thought.

mitered square afghan knit with scrap sock yarn
Can you identify any of the yarns?

I should never have picked it back up because I immediately decided it needed to be at least four squares wider and three longer.  I'm no longer 'so close' to finishing it.

And for the record, it's physically impossible for me to be wordless.


  1. I should pull mine out as well. I wanted to finish it this year....Yours is gorgeous!!

  2. Scrap blankets always look amazing - I like how you can combine colors in absolutely random order and the result is always amazing. You should definitely finish it!

  3. Love your patchwork blanket but you forget just how much time goes into knitting and sewing each square.

  4. I have a couple of those never ending projects, you have inspired me to drag one out and see what can be done to move it along before something new is started! Your color combinations are awesome!

    1. Thanks! As for my colors, the only "planning" that has gone into it is trying not to put two red squares side by side. :)