Friday, March 31, 2017

March Knitting Roundup

I can't believe today marks the end of March.  Where did the month go?  Let's make me feel productive and take a look at what came off the knitting needles this month?

hand knit striped and asymmetrical scarf for sale at
Wedge Scarf

The Wedge, knit using short rows with Palette from Knit Picks in the colorways, Garnet Heather, Spearmint, Sweet Potato, Indigo Heather & White & a US 2 needle.

Pony tail hat, bun hat available for sale at
Ponytail Hat

A ponytail hat, knit with Paton's Kroy Socks FX in Cameo. I'm pretty pleased with the way this turned out considering I didn't have a pattern & just made it up on the fly without too much thought. The ponytail/bun hats I'd seen either had elastic sewn into the knitting at the ponytail hole or they had nothing to help the ponytail hole be/remain stretchy.  My idea of adding a little ribbing around the hole seems to work well.

striped knitted cowl hand knit with Louisa Harding Pittura
Pittura Cowl

A striped cowl knit on US3 needles with Louisa Harding Pittura and bit of unlabeled, stashed sock wool.  The pink stripes are purled for texture but if I was going to knit this over again with that pink yarn, I'd probably just knit them. The pink was a slightly different weight and the purled stitches seem a bit too loose. I really like the understated brightness (does that even make sense?) of this cowl.  It was supposed to be a 2016 Christmas gift but.....

Find Your Fade oversized shawl knit with Knit Picks Hawthorne
Find Your Fade

Find Your Fade.  This really may be my all time ever favorite knitting pattern.  I knit it with Knit Pick's Hawthorne in St. John, Laurelhurst, Rose City, Vancouver, Poseidon, and Serpent.  The shawl is huge and perfect for cuddling up in.  And when I say huge, I mean HUGE!  As wide and tall as I am, when I  stand up and drape it across my shoulders, the ends touch the tops of my feet.  There's a good reason all the decent photos of the shawl you see on Ravelry show a person holding it with their arms spread out wide.

hand knit cabled beanie for sale at
Fangorn Mock Cable Hat

The Fangorn Hat.  I loved this colorway so much I ordered more yarn so I can knit matching mittens. The yarn is incredibly soft and the hat practically knit itself.

That's all the FO's for March.  I did knit a few rows on my Honycomb sweater and I've knit 15 to 20 more squares on my mitered squares blanket but I'm no where near close to finishing either project.

So, how about you? Did you have a productive March?

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  1. yes where did march go? I love the projects and I agree that las colorway is definitely one to knit with again. I hope to get more knitting time this month than last but we will see :)

  2. Wow! Your March was much more productive than mine was. Have a great week!

  3. That was a productive month. Your Fade is lovely!

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