Monday, March 20, 2017

Makers' Monday

Welcome to Makers' Monday, a celebration of knitting designers, artists & creatives. 

St. Patrick's Day has come and gone and despite Stella dumping a boat load of snow on the East Coast recently, it's spring time.  Let's talk Easter.  

While I love receiving a basket from The Bunny, I was never that into decorating for Easter.  The decorations tend to be a little too pastel for my taste but a few years ago, I discovered knitting for Easter.  Easter provides a whole new reason to knit!  

I knit baskets full of these Easter eggs a few years ago.  I should knit more of them because mine are sort of weird & not very Eastery. I used left over sock yarn scraps which tend to be dark colors.  My kids tease me about my basket of goth Easter eggs.

A free knitting pattern for knitted Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs, courtesy of Linda Dawkins,

The pattern comes from Linda Dawkins at Natural Suburbia.  She offers it for free on Ravelry and as I recall, it was a very simple pattern to follow.  You could easily knit yourself a basketful during your next Netflix binge.

Or what about knitting this little duckling?

hand knitted duck plushy to help celebrate Easter
Easter Duckling, courtesy of Morgunova Olga

Is he not the cutest, most adorable, fluffy little thing?  The pattern for this Easter Duckling comes from Morgunova Olga on Ravelry.  Do you think my adult children are too old for an Easter duckling? I really feel the need to knit this little guy.

And you can't have Easter without a bunny.

Knitted stuffed bunny rabbit with removable clothes. Just in time for Easter
Boy Bunny, courtesy of Julie Williams, Little Cotton Rabbits

Or two.

knitted stuffed girl bunny rabbit with removable clothing to knit for Easter
Bunny Girl in a Dotty Dress, courtesy of Little Cotton Rabbits

You'll need to invest a little more time in knitting these boy and girl bunnies.  The patterns are a little more involved and there's lots of little pieces to knit then stitch together, but look how cute they are! I think any time spent knitting these would be well worth it.  I specially love that the rabbits' clothes are removable and can be changed based on the season.  Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits even offers extra clothing options here, because you know, a girl Must have more than one outfit!


  1. Those bunnies are too cute! I've never knit a stuffed toy, but now I feel tempted...

  2. I'm tempted to knit a few Easter eggs now. I've got one of Julie's bunny patterns ready to make. You're right. It would be good to do it for Easter. I'm doing an Easter knit, at the moment. More traditional colours, than your eggs. #KCCO

  3. The bunnies are too cute! Easter is just around the corner.