Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Knitting with books

There's nothing like a rushed blog photo to show you how desperately you need to put down the knitting & pick up the cleaning supplies.

Mock cabled hat knit with Fangorn from Marigold Fibers.
Fangorn Hat

I just dusted two days ago and already every surface in the house is covered in a fine layer of pollen.  Welcome to spring!

The hat is also covered in dog hair.  Seconds before snapping the photo, I accidently dropped the hat onto the dog bed.  The Great Pyrenees' dog bed.  Do you have any idea how badly a Great Pyrenees sheds this time of year? It's a wonder he's not bald. He just walks around the house, dropping clumps of hair in his wake.  I thought I'd gotten all the dog hair off the hat, but obviously not.  The camera does an excellent job of pointing out stray hairs as well as pollen dust.

Sadly, the pollen and dog hair situation is only going to get worse.  The park opens this weekend and I'm working just about every day this week getting things prepared for the big opening day.  There won't be much time for cleaning. Or knitting.  Or reading. Yikes!

As for my knitting and reading, I'm still slugging my way through Nineteen Eighty Four & I finished the Fangorn hat yesterday.  Since completing Fangorn, I haven't picked up anything else.  I know! It's been over 12 hours since I held my knitting needles.  Yikes! I just can't decide what to knit next. I have 1,000 UFO projects I should work on and another 1,000 I want to work on.  I haven't wound the yarn for any of the projects I want to do.  So, I sit here with the guilt of knowing I should work on the UFO's battling the lack of motivation to clean off the area around my swift so that it has room to spin.

My reading situation isn't much better.  I'm enjoying the horror of Nineteen Eighty Four but it's just not one of those 'can't put it down' books. And for some strange reason, I don't want to read it just before bed (which is a big part of my normal reading time.)  Apparently genetically engineered killer ants didn't affect my sleep but I'm afraid Nineteen Eighty Four will.  And just like my knitting, I have 1,000 books I want to read but I'm unable to choose which one to start next.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm going back to work.  At least then, I'll have an excuse for not knitting or reading.

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