Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Knitting with books

It's Wednesday so we're talking knitting and books. Join me & others who are linking up with Ginny for today's Yarn Along.

Knitting the Honeycomb sweater from Knit Picks and reading The Secret Garden
Honeycomb Sweater & The Secret Garden

Perhaps you can tell from that fascinating photo that I've finished the back of my Honeycomb sweater and have started the front.  (And that I also need to clean the fish bowl.)  Honeycomb is a cabled sweater from Knit Pick's Woodsmoke Cable Collection.  I'm knitting it with Wool of the Andes and it's knitting up fairly quickly, despite my grumblings about its slowness.  Considering how little time and effort I've actually spent knitting on it and considering how long it's been since I knit anything heavily cabled, it's progressing fairly quickly.

So that's my knitting.  As for reading....  I've been a little embarrassed about my choice of books lately. It always seems everyone else participating in the Yarn Along is reading uplifting and/or educational books and I'm over here reading a YA vampire romance or something.  I decided 2017 was going to be the year I read better.  I'll always read and enjoy the ridiculous romance fluff but there's no reason why I can't read an occasional uplifting and/or educational book too.  One a month, that's my goal for 2017.

So, laying in bed the other night, I started Wuthering Heights.  I got all of about three paragraphs into it and vaguely remembered the entire book being cold, rainy and rather depressing. (I read it for English class back in high school.  Which means I skimmed the first few paragraphs of each chapter.)  Anyway...  Wuthering Heights wasn't the right choice for a cold, icy February night.

I noticed The Secret Garden was on my list.  Gardens, flowers, spring....  that sounded like a much better choice.  So, that's what I'm reading - and enjoying.  It's just that books on the Kindle don't make for interesting photos.

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  1. Love knitting with Wool of the Andes, I have two sweaters in it and though I am wearing both of them a lot, they keep their shape very nicely! So, even if it feels slow, I am sure you will get a great sweater in the end. I have the same feelings about Wuthering Heights, it seemed so gloomy...

  2. Catherine of Wuthering Heights needed slapped. I recommend Jane Eyre if you want to read a Bronte sister book - plenty of drama there! Secret Garden is a lovely book. Enjoy!

  3. Secret Garden is a wonderful book. I'd like to have a secret garden. Always fun to see what everyone is working on and reading. Lots of good suggestions for both!

  4. You need a roaring fire and hot buttered crumpets to tackle Wuthering Heights IMHO. The Secret Garden on the other hand will bring sunshine to any situation.

  5. I love YA books and there are some great ones out there. Do agree that its good to read more demanding books too. I read Wuthering heights as a teen and it became my favourite for a while. Probably not great in February. May have to revisit Secret garden too.

  6. I read a wide variety of book myself, YA dystopian novels are some of my favorite, though I haven't read any this year. I say, reading is about escaping into another world/time, so anything that makes you happy is good:) Good luck on continuing with the sweater!! I'm sure you'll love it once it's done:)

  7. This made me laugh because I feel the same way! I am a huge YA fan and think most of my favorite literature is in that genre. Everyone else seems to always be reading these modern award winning bestsellers and I'm like... Harry Potter again, yeah? I do my share of classics I guess but Wuthering Heights...ugh. I'm making my way through it with an audiobook but I'm going soooo slowly because I really just think I don't really like it! Jane Eyre, on the other hand, is probably in my Top Five favorite books. And Secret garden! Delightful!

  8. Don't be embarrassed by your reading. I happen to be a YA fan also and I rarely read uplifting books. I find they have the opposite effect on me. I would rather read a good Debbie Macomber book about women's relationships than something sort of preachy. I am looking forward to watching that sweater grow.