Thursday, February 9, 2017


I'm so conflicted!

I don't know what to knit.

I finished knitting the back of my Honeycomb sweater & I've started the front.  I really want to get this sweater finished. My To-Do list says it will be done by the end of the month.  Silly To-Do list.

Palette yarn from Knit Picks

But I accidently started something new.  I try to keep a garter or stockinette stitch project on the needles at all times to work on while I'm reading my email and I'd finished my other projects.  Well, I'd finished a few of my others.  Okay, I was bored with my others & started something new.

<a href="">Palette</a>

It's a no pattern, make-it-up-as-I-go short row, elongated triangle shawl.  It will be stripes of color separated by thin stripes of white.  Part of my 'going minimalist' plan (I know, I still laugh at that too) is to knit up a significant amount of my yarn stash.  I'm using Knit Pick's Palette because I realized I have two full drawers plus a giant Rubermaid bin full of nothing but skeins of Palette.  I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of or embarrassed by.

I'm knitting outdoors because the weather is GORGEOUS!  (And I'm using the soon-to-be-a-deck lumber pile as a table.)

It's 72 degrees and a mostly clear, blue sky.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 19 degrees.

73 degrees vs. 19 degrees.  How is that even possible?

And while I sit on our half-built deck, enjoying the warm sunshine, dreaming of summer, and looking out into the woods behind our house, I realized something rather amazing.  I'm not ready for winter to end yet.  We've only had one snow and I had some kind of horrible, horrible lung rot plague and barely even got out of bed to see it.  I LOVE looking out at our backyard view when the woods are covered in snow.  I'd like to have one more good snow before spring arrives.

And wishing for one more snow before spring made me think of summer and the Virginia heat and humidity....  and I realized, Oh Lord, I start work this weekend.

While my bank account is screaming that I should have gone back last month and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my coworkers, I am SO not ready.


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  1. starting more than one project is always a good idea and your honeycomb is looking fantastic! bummer you have to start work again...

  2. I need an easy project to read with instead of these color work mittens sitting in my lap while I read blogs! Nothing getting done on them right now. Love the Honeycomb sweater.