Thursday, January 19, 2017


Is there an award for best procrastinator?

I finished knitting Starshower back in August.  August!

Starshower cowl, hand knit

I'm blocking it today.

Good grief!

It turned out way smaller than it should have.  I didn't begin to get close to the gauge called for in the pattern.  Typical me, I never even checked it.  Even on my almost anorexic teen sized mannequin, it's tight when worn over the shoulders.  There's no way it will go over mine.  But that's okay.  I plan to just drape it around my neck anyway.  Worn that way and before blocking, it looked okay so I think it will be great once it dries.  I just hope the almost anorexic mannequin's boobs aren't blocking into it.  That  could make for a weird look.

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  1. I would probably only wear it as a cowl as well! lovely pattern :)