Saturday, January 7, 2017

Knitting with Bison

Remember my part bison yarn?

Mock cabled fingerless gloves or mittens.
Fingerless Mitts

Like magic, it turned into a pair of fingerless mitts. 

The yarn is Tracks Sport from The Buffalo Wool Co.  I received it in my November socks kit from KnitCrate.  The yarn is a merino & bison blend.  Right off the skein, it was a little stringy and had a slightly stiff cottony feel to it but after blocking, it softened right up.  It softened up enough that there's no longer a question about whether they are destined to be mine or my shop's.  They are definitely mine now.

Do you notice anything odd about the cabling?  They are worked from the fingertips downward and I was binge watching Vikings while I knit the first mitt.  Apparently I was paying more attention to Ragnar than the number of rows I was knitting.  The cables got further and further apart as I knit.  Ooops.  But no worries!  I just did the same thing on the second mitt and am calling it a design element.  I actually kind of like it.


  1. I am a doofus and have no idea what you are talking about regarding the cabling. Looks lovely to me, that's all I can say! And the feel sounds wonderful.

    1. The cables are the stitches that are twisted. If you look closely, you can see that up near the fingers, the twists are occurring much closer together than they do at the wrist end of the mitts. Normally, the space between the twists doesn't vary.

  2. good golly I love the pattern and the yarn!!!