Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hanging Loops & E Myths

Let's just get the knitting out of the way so we can talk about the book.

I was reminded recently how much I like knitting my hanging loop hat design & decided to make another.  The design is so simple & versatile, plus I really do like having that little loop to hang the hat up with.

Reading The E Myth and knitting a hat for
The E Myth by Michael Gerber

This version has a fair isle strip (patterns from Mastering Color Knitting) and is knit from Patons Classic Wool in Seafoam & Mercury.  Both yarns were already in my stash, so no shopping involved.  Yay me!

But let's get to the reading part of today's Yarn Along.

I'm so excited about this book.  Normally I have a hard time reading non-fiction.  Real life just doesn't hold my attention & I tend to struggle to read a chapter a week.  But this book.... I can't put The E Myth down.  My husband and I both have our own small, one person businesses and this book was written for us.  I mean, like, really and truly for us, as individuals.  I'm only about a third of the way through the book, but I'm already convinced Mr. Gerber has spy cameras set up in our house & satellite office, otherwise known as my husband's truck.  It's the only way he could so perfectly describe how we've been living our lives for the past umpteen years.

And now that I've briefly mentioned what I'm knitting and reading & thus met Ginny's Yarn Along requirements, I'm going to sign off and get back to the reading.  I can't wait to find out how Mr. Gerber is going to fix this crazy life we've been living.


  1. the book sounds interesting! lovely hat and I love the colorwork!

  2. Sounds like a book I should read, as we have our own business too. Hope he has no cameras in our place. Nice ht and I like the idea of the loop.

  3. What a fascinating sounding book! I love it when the perfect book finds me at the perfect moment- sounds like that's exactly what's happened to you! And that hat is looking great.

  4. Such a good book. I used to have a store and I felt like that book was written for me especially. I dearly wish I had read it my first year in business and not my last. ;)