Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fourth Time

Well, it looks like the fourth time is the charm.

knitting a striped cowl with Pittura yarn and reading a holiday romance novel
Yarn Along Wednesday

Miraculously, Christmas Eve dawned with only a personal fair isle project on the needles. (Assuming we're ignoring the giant UFO pile, which we are.)  I knew I needed a simple Keep Calm & Knit On project to get me through our Christmas Eve gift exchange adventure.  See, ever since Sarah was taking Drivers Ed & had the homework assignment over Christmas break to 'drive for a minimum of three hours straight,' our tradition has been to spend the better part of Christmas Eve driving all over the state delivering gifts.  And Sarah drives.  Over the years, we've perfected our route.  It actually takes some planning because as we drop gifts off, we also pick up others to drop off further down the line.  Each year, the trip has gone a little smoother except..... Did I mention, Sarah drives?  And how we travel over mostly twisty-turny, back country roads? And how with each year she's grown more confident in her driving skills and how she doesn't believe in slowing down for the sharp curves? And how it has some how mysteriously been pouring POURING down rain every Christmas Eve since we started this tradition?  Well, believe me when I say - I NEED a Keep Calm and Knit On project for the Christmas Eve Adventure.

Anyway.... Christmas Eve rolled around, my fair isle scarf was the only thing on my needles & it wasn't an appropriate Keep Calm in the car project.  The giant ball of knit & ripped & knit & ripped and knit & ripped Pittura yarn was still laying on my desk so I grabbed it, a pair of needles & off we went on our adventure.  In the blinding rain.  It's tradition.

I'm not sure if it was the magic of Christmas or if the Knitting Gods took pity on me but what ever.  The fourth time seems to be the charm.  It's working out just how I'd envisioned it and, knock on wood, there doesn't seem to be any dropped stitches or random purled rows or sets of three pink rows when it's supposed to be only two rows of pink per stripe.  It's all working out just fine.

And while I've been knitting, I finished reading the last of the season's holiday romance books.  The Great Christmas Knit-Off by Alexandra Brown was a fun post-holiday read.  While I enjoyed it, I'm really glad I didn't start it right before Christmas because I probably would have suddenly felt the need to knit myself a Christmas sweater.

So, what are you knitting and/or reading?  Join me over at Ginny's Yarn Along to see what others are knitting while the read & to wish Ginny a happy belated birthday.


  1. My daughter just started driving on her own, so I feel ya!! Not something this momma's nerves are used to yet:) The knitting looks great!!

  2. thinking I read that book... and I had 4 drivers to sit through. THey are grown now, but sometimes I am still nervous riding with them, and they don't mind pointing out my mistakes behind the wheel. But it makes good memories.

  3. Oh I can't even think about driver's ed (my oldest is 8)! We live in Maine and I actually started driving a big ol truck when I was around her age (on a lap of course) in the woods - crazy to even think about now!

  4. I'm on my second time around on a challenging project, a fourth time would have me in driver's make me nervous :)