Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh, Amazon

Oh, Amazon - you're killing me!

Knitting a tri-colored winter hat while reading on my new Kindle Fire.

So, a few years ago, my original 3G Kindle began taking three or four days to charge instead of it's normal 30 minutes.  As badly as I wanted a new one, it wasn't in my budget.  Lucky for me (or not,) about that time, Verizon offered me a free tablet if I just paid the monthly usage fee.  I jumped at the opportunity, downloaded the Kindle app and got back to reading.

Jump forward to this past Thanksgiving and I've worn the tablet out.  It will only stay charged for  about ten at a time.  Very annoying!  And being a Reader (not just a reader, but a Reader) I couldn't wait and hope that Santa brought me a new Kindle.  I broke down and bought myself a new one.

My new Kindle Fire is great.  Except that it won't let me transfer any of the unread books from the Kindle app on the Verizon tablet.  Dammit.  The 20+ sample books I'd downloaded on my original 3G Kindle years ago are showing up on the new Kindle.  Of course they are.  Because I've since gone ahead & purchased (on the Verizon Kindle app) any of the books that I wanted to read after looking at the free samples.  So the samples from years ago are on my new Kindle, but not the actual books.  Apparently, Amazon won't allow you to transfer books to or from a non-Amazon reader, even if you purchased them using the Kindle app.  I'm going to have to either re-purchase the books on the new Kindle or read in them in 10 minute increments on the Verizon tablet.  Dammit.

Meanwhile, I'm knitting another hat.

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  1. there is a way!! I think you can email them to yourself? or something like that. You need to do an intense google search :)

    I hope you figure it out. your knitting is pretty!!