Friday, December 2, 2016


I was standing in the grocery store the other night having a discussion with my husband about how much I love eggnog but why I refuse to buy it.  It's because it's like heroin.  It's worse than heroin.  One teeny tiny sip and I can't stop.  One minute I'm taking my first sip of the year, the next minute, I'm surrounded by eight empty gallon jugs, I don't feel so well, the seams on my pants are tearing and I want more.  MORE!  I need MORE eggnog!

So there we are, me explaining to my husband about how much I love "Christmas Heroin" (my name for eggnog) and how bad it is for me but how much I love it..... and I take a deep breath, pull myself together and turn around to walk away from the eggnog display and there.... there's a police officer, in uniform, staring at me while I go on and on about how much I love Christmas Heroin.  Good Lord.

Later, my husband & I are tossing our groceries onto the cashier's conveyor belt and guess who gets in line behind us.  Yep, Mr. Police Officer.  So I held up my container of eggnog ice cream and said with a big grin, "Frozen Christmas heroin!"

The moral of this story is that eggnog ice cream is good but it's not heroin.  It's also despised by all other family members which means, it will actually still be in the freezer the next time I want some.


OTN, on the needles, knitting a striped cowl for a Christmas gift.
Christmas knitting

I got all the stitches back on the needles and I've knit a few more rounds.  And gosh, that pink is really.... PINK.  I think it's going to be okay though.  Plus, the intended recipient likes a splash of color.  I just hope that the pink stripes will be splashes, not tsunamis. 

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