Thursday, December 1, 2016

Because I have nothing else to do

I must be nuts.  Because December isn't busy enough, I've decided to challenge myself to post every day this month.

My Christmas cactus from Ikea is blooming!
Christmas Cactus

My Christmas cactus is blooming!

Okay, so I didn't challenge myself to write deep, extensive, interesting posts.  Just to post something.

I'm pretty excited about my cactus though.  Sarah and I went to Ikea last month and of course, we picked a frigid, rainy day to go.  We shopped till we dropped, filled up our trunk with goodies, including two desk chairs and a book case, tucked the cactus into a 'safe spot' in the trunk where the surrounding junk would protect it from shifting and turning over.....  And got home to realize that while we'd done a great job making sure the cactus wouldn't tip over, we hadn't considered the chairs and book case shifting around and landing on top of the plant.  A month later and I'm still picking Christmas cactus leaves out of the trunk every time I buy groceries.  But the cactus doesn't seem to mind.  Yay!

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