Saturday, November 19, 2016


It's an exciting day today.

I finished knitting  the my Autumn Fire scarf.  In the beginning, I'd questioned whether it would be a Christmas gift or a scarf for the Etsy shop.  It's no longer a question.  It's mine, all mine.  For the life of me, I'll never understand how that bright magenta, a fire engine red, a lemon yellow and three shades of orange can blend so well with ten shades of brown but it does, and I love it.  LOVE it!

And, I finished knitting the clown barf cowl.  I love how that turned out as well.  It's both bright and muted.  All at the same time.  Combining the clown barf with solid black was definitely a good call.

And while finishing those two projects is exciting (because they both felt like they'd dragged on for ages,) it's not The exciting thing.

THE exciting thing is that my youngest, my little bitty baby girl turned 20 today.

Sarah loves having her picture taken.


The fashion sense of a five  year old.
Sarah, the fashion queen

 No longer a teenager.

beached basking shark, Hatteras, NC, OBX
Sarah & the shark

No longer a kid.  She's an adult now.

Sarah's birth date, November 19, 1996

How is it possible that my little bitty baby* girl is twenty?

*Yes, I'm aware that my "little bitty baby" was never very little.  She was over 10 pounds at birth and had shoulders to rival The Fridge.  Luckily, she grew into her shoulders and out of that angry newborn stage.

Happy Birthday, Sarah
Sarah, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday, Sarah!


  1. I cannot believe that Sarah is 20. Please tell her Happy Birthday from us.

    1. Thanks, I will. And I can't believe it either. Where have the years gone??

  2. happy birthday to you baby!!! my baby is 23 yo and it does seem like yesterday doesn't it??? Lovely photos and she is beautiful!