Friday, November 4, 2016


Well, I'm knitting one less striped thing.  My squishy gray cowl that I loved so much turned on me.  It turned quickly & violently.

My original plan was to knit the cowl in color blocks with two strands of different colors of worsted and one strand of lace weight yarn.  The lace was a tonal gray and the worsteds would be light gray, dark gray and a slate blue. All by themselves, the colors coordinate and contrast perfectly.  Everything was knitting up fine until I added the slate blue.  Mixed with the grays, the blue became an uncoordinated, not enough contrast to see clearly yet glaringly different pile of weirdness.

When knitting goes bad, #craftfail, #knittingfail
Frogging 3 yarns knit together

And so I spent all night frogging the entire project.  Yes, I spent the entire night frogging two worsteds and a lace weight yarn that had been knit simultaneously.  The Entire night.

Just shoot me.  Please!

And if I ever mention doing something similar, shoot me again.  I beg you.

And yes, that is candy corn and a Christmas glass in the same photo.  Don't judge.  I LOVE my Christmas glass.  My uncle gave me a set back when I was really way too young to appreciate receiving a set of glasses for Christmas.  But he was no dummy.  The glasses turned out to be my favorite thing to drink out of.  Thirty-ish years later and I still drink out of them constantly. Thanks Uncle Hank! I just wish that once I took the glasses out of my hope chest, that I'd thought to tell you how much I love them.

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