Monday, November 7, 2016

A weekend off

I'm giddy with excitement.  I had my first weekend off since March.  Admittedly, the excitement factor of my weekend activities was not exactly off the charts, but I had a weekend off!  A whole, sunny, gorgeous weathered weekend!

Mostly, I slept through it.  I'm still struggling to turn my sleep cycle around to being awake during the day.  The girl child & I did run errands one day which turned into Christmas decoration shopping.  (The girl child loves Christmas even more than I do.)

hand knit  Christmas gifts  for sale at
Car knitting

She drove so I could knit in the car.

Christmas decorations and motivation to knit Christmas gifts
Too early to decorate?

And she talked me into buying a decoration for my desk.  (And yes, I know.  The number of days is wrong.  My desk is such a disaster that there's stuff piled up in front of Santa and I keep forgetting to change the days.  Plus, if I keep it at 51, I feel better about my gift knitting status.)

Besides going out to eat each night (Yes! I didn't have to cook at all!!) I also got to spend some time with the boy child.  I hadn't seen him in a few months and had been missing him terribly.

I also got a lot of cleaning done.  Okay, not 'cleaning' per say.  More like throwing out and putting away.  With my summer work schedule, I literally don't do much around the house beyond sleep, eat, shower and go to work.  (My job description states that I'll work a minimum of 65 hours per week.)  Sarah is pretty good about sweeping, vacuuming, doing the dishes & cleaning her bathroom but everything else gets ignored over the summer.  The junk mail piles up, my husband's junk piles pile up, the laundry piles up and if I'm going to be honest about it, my junk piles up too.  For the next week or two, I'll spend most of my time just dealing with the piles so that I can spend the next week or two deep cleaning.  In other words, there's been a lack of knitting going on because I've been busy trying to reclaim the house.

Oh, and between Christmas decoration shopping, eating out and putting junk away, I knocked out another Christmas gift.  I'm pretty dang proud of myself.  It's November 7th & I've already finished knitting two gifts.  Only 30+ more to go.  Yeah, I'm definitely keeping Santa at 51 days.

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  1. We also do a homemade Christmas. It's approaching so fast! Fun times. :)