Friday, October 21, 2016

More Stripes

I seem to be into stripes these days.  I also seem to have reached my limit on Christmas gift knitting in October.  I suddenly lost any shred of interest I had in knitting Christmas gifts.  I mean really, why should I be concerned about knitting them in October when I have, you know, Christmas Eve?  I mean really!  I should be able to crank out four or five scarves, a few hats and a couple of pair of mittens on Christmas Eve.  Right?  Sure I can.

So, yeah, I'm procrastinating.

And I decided to use up some of the odds and ends of left over worsted weight wool I had laying around.

I started out with the idea of just knitting a plain striped scarf.  I was going to knit simply knit with one color until it ran out then add on the next.  Sort of Dr. Who scarf style.  But after taking a closer look at the odds and ends of yarns I have on hand, I decided that wasn't going to look so great.  The majority of yarn in my odds & ends pile are either too similar in color or they clash with each other way to much to simply knit wide stripes with them.  So, I decided, in an effort to confuse the eye and tame the clashing colors a bit, I'd knit three color stripes on the diagonal.

knitted striped scarf for sale, diagonal stripes scarf or cowl
More Stripes

So far, I think it's working.

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  1. the striping is beautiful and I was looking over who I want to knit for and the list is kind of long (ish). This might be a pipe dream!