Friday, October 14, 2016


This must be a record for me.  It's only October 14th & I'm already checking off the first item on the Christmas Gift Knitting list.

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Gift #1

Pardon the photo.  It's barely one step above black & white.  I was too lazy/rushed to move the mannequin further from the window & the sun is streaming in and the back lighting is well...  You can see for yourself.  But this time, it's actually okay with me that my photo is horrible.  Maybe the cowl's recipient won't recognize it for what it is.

The yarn is Mirasol Sami purchased back in the summer from the wonderful folks at Knitting B and the pattern is a simple 5 x 5 rib pattern.  So simple, so soft, so thick, squishy and warm.


  1. this time of year is when you have to remember to take photos in the middle of the day! lovely knit and wow on being done with one of your holiday knitting to dos!!

    1. My timing is so messed up right now. I get home from work around 6 a.m. so by the time I get up & am awake enough to focus the camera, it's dark outside again. Only a few more weeks of this schedule though & I'll be back to a normal human lifestyle.

  2. Good for you for getting a head start on the holiday knits. That does look squishy!