Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Terror Alert Yellow

Have you noticed my lack of communication lately?

Terror Alert, Code Red

I've been on Code Red of the Terror Meter for last week or two.  The terror level has been so high, I haven't even been knitting!

Why?  Because I got promoted to a job I had sworn I'd never take if they offered it to me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm truly honored that they did offer me the promotion.  Actually "offer" is not exactly the way it went down.  It was more like, "We're making you the supervisor, as of well, now.  So get on out there & figure out how to do the job."  Not the exact words used, but pretty dang close.  So I now find myself with a new shirt with "SUPERVISOR" plastered across my back (at work, you can tell everyone's level & department based on their uniform shirt, sort of like the military's stripe system) and many, many more gray hairs.

I've had a few days to train and I've had the opportunity to actually do the new job on my own a few times now and I've decided to stand down from a Code Red to Code Yellow.  I'm still terrified of having to use the radio and "10-codes" but I'm feeling more confident about all the other aspects of the job.  Not 100% knowledgeable but I'm no longer in total can't sleep a wink sheer panic mode. The job isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I'm down to Code Yellow mode.

Like I said, I'm terrified of the radio.  I have never had the ability to speak well under pressure and I just know I'm going to completely botch the 10-codes.  I'm going to be like the dude who recently, and accidently, announced a "dead on arrival" code instead of the code for a bee sting.  (And it was a  normal bee sting, not even an allergic reaction bee sting.)  I'm also really, really terrified that I'll get flustered and accidently curse on the radio.  The penalty for that is actually much worse than accidently announcing someone's dead on arrival.  The first time I had to use the radio turned out okay though.  Everyone knew how nervous I was about having to use the radio and the first time I had to call someone on it, the entire office quieted down and after the communication was over (successfully, I might add,) they all clapped and cheered for me.  You gotta love that kind of office support.

As it turns out, I might actually enjoy the job.  Well, I'll never "enjoy" the radio but I'll get used to it.  Eventually.  Eventually, like, near the end of next season.  But hey, there will be a next season for me so that's a positive.  And using the radio is just a tiny part of the job.  That's another positive.  And while I may be 'stuck inside' for the full shift, I don't have to go outside and experience the thrill of Virginia's summer heat and humidity.  That's a big plus. A huge plus, actually.  And, best of all, three different strangers commented on my new, much grayer hair this past week.  They all commented that they wished their moms' grayness was as pretty as mine.  Weird but true, and flattering.  I think.

lacy infinity scarf knit with Queensland Uluru for https://www.etsy.com/shop/JeannieGrayKnits?ref=hdr_shop_menu
Open Stitch Scarf

Phew!  All that to say, I've calmed down enough to get back to knitting.  I started a lacy, open stitch scarf.  The yarn is Queensland Uluru  and I'm enjoying knitting with it much more than I thought I would.  It's a superfine cotton/acrylic/polyester blend with a slight fuzzy haze to it.  Knit up, it looks almost like mohair.  I'm not a big fan of knitting with cotton and just the mention of acrylic yarn gives me the heebie jeebies but this stringy looking yarn is knitting up into the softest, lightest weight, super snugly scarf ever.  It's supposed to be a gift but....  If I manage to finish out this season without cursing on the radio, I just might gift it to myself as a reward.

Great Pyrenees lounging in the sun.

Max says, "Look, Mom.  Your scarf matches my coat."

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