Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Once Is Enough

It's Yarn Along Wednesday! Join me over at Ginny's to learn what other folks are reading while they knit.  Me, I picked up Once Is Enough by Miles Smeeton yesterday.  I'm only a few pages into the tale but I have high hopes.  I've never met a disaster-at-sea story I didn't enjoy.  Once Is Enough is the tale of the Smeetons' adventures of twice capsizing, dismasting and surviving the near sinking of their boat, the Tzu Hang.  This happened to them twice!  Twice!

Reading Once is Enough by Miles Smeeton while knitting scarves for sale at

As for my knitting, I'm still working on the Autumn Fire super scarf and attempting to get ahead on the Christmas knitting.  Hopefully the disasters of the Tzu Hang won't rub off on my knitting.  I've already frogged the Christmas 'thing' once.  Once is enough for me!

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  1. I'm trying to do Christmas knitting, after I knit for me :) Lovely knits and an interesting book!