Friday, September 23, 2016

On the Needles

Today's knitting projects -

OTN scarves, super scarf, cowl, infinity scarf, reversible hat hand knit for
Current projects on the needles.

Autumn Fire is coming along.  My goal for September was to have six inches of width knit and I'm only about a half an inch short of that goal.  I think I'll be able to easily check that off the to-do list by the end of next week.

The brown, lacy infinity scarf/cowl thing is coming along although it's taking much longer to knit than anticipated.  The pattern is super simple (*yo, K2tog) but I have to pay close attention to what I'm doing.  The YO's tend to slip off the needle and when they aren't slipping off, they are sticking to the stitch beside it.  It's a thing.  But not a big enough thing to make me regret starting this scarf.  I'm loving the open, soft fabric it's creating.  It's snugly without being too heavy.  It's going to be perfect for our southern winters.

And then there's the hat.  The hat was a bit of a surprise.  It shouldn't have been, but when I started it, I was catching up with Once Upon a Time on Netflix and Killian was dying and well, my brain wasn't working too well.

Reversible broken rib hat hand knit with wool for
Not so broken Broken Rib hat

Anyway, a few days before, a sock pattern on Ravelry had caught my attention.  Except I wanted a hat, not socks.  Simple enough, it was just a broken rib pattern.  Easy enough to recreate, even when one of my favorite TV characters was mortally wounded.  I cast on and started knitting.  And knit and knit and realized that I should have been purling the 'broken' line, not knitting it.

A reversible wool textured hat for sale at
Broken Rib Hat

All the texture was on the inside.  So I made it reversible.

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