Thursday, September 1, 2016

August in review

Have I mentioned how much I love my summer job?  I do, I love it!  Except in August.  By the time August rolls around I'm so tired I don't even know my own name anymore.  And by the end of August, well, I can barely tolerate my job.  But it's no longer August.  It's September 1st!  September!  September means weekends only (for the most part and starting next week.)  I can handle September.

But, did I get any knitting done in August?  Any at all?  Let's review.

lacy, textured hand knit cowl

I started and finished a Starshower cowl.  It's still in a heap on my desk and not blocked but.... the knitting part is done.

hand knit socks
Regia 6-fadig socks

I started and finished knitting a pair of socks.  A whole pair!  I still haven't kitchnered the toes yet but I'll get to that soon.  Soon, like next Tuesday.

lacy, asymmetrical shawl scarf

I started an Antarktis shawl.  I'm a lot further along than the pattern would have you believe.  I'm only on row 40 according to the pattern but as I said, the pattern is deceptive.  The way it's written, it gives you rows 1 through 4, then tells you to repeat those rows X times.  Then the next row is numbered #5 although really you're on row 20 or 30 something of actual knitting.  The entire pattern is written that way.  It makes following the instructions easy which is a good thing (specially during August!) but mentally.... mentally it's hard to keep going when you have knit and knit and knit, day after day after day and you're still only on row 40.  Luckily, this Pittura just may be my new all-time favorite yarn so knitting day after day after day with it is not that much of a struggle.

knitting gifts for Christmas, 2016; wool scarves
Christmas knitting

And then there's the Christmas knitting.  I know!  I started my Christmas knitting in August this year!  I'm determined not to spend another Christmas Eve trying to block some hand knitted gift over the car's heat vent while barreling down the road on the way to deliver presents.  Nope!  Not going to happen this year.  This year, I will spend that entire car ride wrapping the gifts.  Hey - don't judge. It's progress.

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