Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yarn Along Wednesday

Come join me and many other knitters over at Ginny's blog, Small Things.  Honestly, this week I'm hesitant to post. I've watched a lot more TV than I've read.  I used to be a huge Sons of Anarchy fan but after the violence of Gemma killing Tara I just couldn't ... deal.  But lately Netflix keeps asking if I want to rewatch the show and I did enjoy the early seasons so....  One day last week I clicked on.... and to my surprise, there was another season waiting for me.  I was instantly hooked.  And I've been spending every spare moment this past week binge watching.  And tonight, I finished the series.  Holy Moly.  I'm left speechless, near tears and fighting the urge to destroy something.  Since I try to keep this blog fairly family friendly, I'll leave it at Holy Moly.  Holy freaking Moly.

Reading The Witnesses by James Patterson and knitting Starshowers cowl scarf shawl.
James Patterson, The Witnesses

As for my knitting and reading...  I'm making lots more progress on my knitting than with my book.  My Starshowers cowl is coming along.  The Pittura yarn is definitely much happier to be a cowl rather than a sweater.

As for the reading, I came to the conclusion that The House Between Tides will have to wait until the (work) season ends.  I'm not allowed to take a paper book to work so it will have to wait.  But I did start a new James Patterson e-book, The Witnesses.  I'm only a few chapters in but it had me hooked from the very beginning.  The sense that something horrible is about to happen on the next page makes it very difficult to put down.  If you're interested, Amazon is currently offering it for free!

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  1. your starshower is looking so pretty! My knitting has been thin this week :)