Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Eew Factor

So, with a title like "The Eew Factor," you know there's a TMI warning coming.


I woke up yesterday convinced I had pink eye even though the symptoms weren't quite right.  Several times during the night, I'd woken up with eye/facial pain that felt like I had been punched, hard, in the eye.  When morning light broke and I crawled out of bed and looked in the mirror, I was greeted with the worst case of under-eye bag you've ever seen.  I looked like a Vienna Sausage had been implanted under my left eye.  While I fed the dogs and started the coffee, I convinced myself that I'd simply hit myself in the face while sleeping and that I had a bad case of 'haven't slept more than four hours a night all summer' eye bag.  (I totally ignored the fact that I only had the bag issue under one eye.)  (Never underestimate how much can be ignored or overlooked before that first cup of coffee.)

Once I sat down with my coffee, it became obvious something was wrong.  My eye began to ooze. And ooze and ooze and ooze.  I must have pink eye.  I called my eye doctor and got an appointment for later in the day.  As the day progressed, my eye continued to ooze (all though "squirt" would be a more accurate word for it) and my vision got worse and worse.  It was/is like looking through a layer of Vaseline. And it hurt to blink and/or close my eyes.

The doctor diagnosed an infection, similar to a sinus infection, in my eye rather than pink eye.  It was good that I'd gone to the eye doctor rather than a GP because a GP wouldn't have had the tools necessary to make the correct diagnosis.  The doctor prescribed drops and "super strong" antibiotics and warned me about eating before taking the meds because they could cause a yeast infection.  He actually twitched with the eew factor when he said 'yeast infection.'

While waiting for the prescriptions to be filled, I wandered around Walmart for 45 minutes looking like I was crying (the one eye was still oozing and actually squirting any time I touched the left side of my face) and I was getting more and more nauseous from the blurry vision.  When the prescriptions were finally ready, the pharmacist called me over & warned me to eat before taking the antibiotic because they could cause diarrhea and she actually shuddered as she said it.  Eew.

So here I am today, still oozing (but not squirting.  Yay!) and still feeling like I have Vaseline smeared on my glasses and still feeling like I've been punched in the face.  Oh, and I have a that 'sinus infection face ache' thing going on, except it's my eye socket that aches instead of my cheek.  Eew.  And it still hurts to blink or close my eyes.

Luckily, I can knit basic stockinette without looking.

hand knit sock knit from self striping yarn.
Regia 6-fadig sock

I finished a sock.  And look how well it goes with my 2017 Passion Planner which just arrived in the mail.  And sorry if the picture is blurry.  I honestly can't tell.

So now, I'm sitting here wondering what to do with myself.  I can't see to start a new project or knit on my other current lacy project.  I can't see to read and watching TV makes me slightly nauseous (there's still the Vaseline blurriness going on) and it hurts to close my eyes so I don't want to nap.  I guess I'll go get something else to eat and take another round of antibiotics and pray there's no additional eew factor happening.

Apparently, besides the eew factor, there's also just a tiny bit of self pity happening.


  1. goodness! praying it heals fast and you are back to normal! lovely knitting though...

    1. Thanks! The meds are kicking in today & it's starting to feel much better.