Friday, August 5, 2016

Magic Number Five


This is the fifth time I've attempted to knit with this poor yarn.

Starshower, a hand knit cowl, shawl, circular scarf

This poor Pittura yarn has been knit and frogged four times so far but I think the fifth time's the charm.  I think it's going to be happy being a Starshower cowl.  The cowl's texture may not show up too well but then again....  I think five may just be the magic number.

A small/medium sized knitting project bag.
Project bag from CreativeJenV

And look how well Starshower fits into my new project bag.

canvas knitting bag from CreativeJV on Etsy
Knitting bag from CreativeJenV

I love LOVE my new knitting bag from CreativeJenV.  It's the perfect size for a smallish (but bigger than a sock) project.  I'm so pleased with how sturdy the bag is and how it stands up by itself.  Oh, and there's no velcro in sight.  It's the perfect project bag!

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