Monday, August 1, 2016

I feel like Cousin It

A Biotin update....

Cousin It from The Adams Family, photo borrowed from

I feel like Cousin It.

Biotin results on hair and nails

As you can see from this poorly lit photo, my nails aren't doing much.  They have lost their wet tissue paper quality and now snap when they break.  But they still break and aren't growing as much as I'd hoped.

Admittedly, some of the lack of nail growth could be my fault, not the Biotin's.  At work, I'm constantly either sticking my hands into bags of loose coin or shoving things into little wooden compartments sort of like this:

except smaller and older and much more splintery.  Have I mentioned what a klutz I am?  It's no wonder my nails stay broken.

There's also my diet to consider.  During the summer when I'm working crazy hours, my diet is basically 'college student' minus the alcohol.

So.... the Biotin may not be doing a whole lot for my nails, but my hair....  My hair is out of control.  It's grown over four inches since the last week of April.  That's more than an inch per month.  I feel like Cousin It.  Thankfully, unlike Cousin It, the Biotin only seems to be affecting the hair on my head.  Thankfully, it is not affecting the hair on the rest of my body.  Scientifically, I have no idea why but I am not questioning it, nor complaining about it.

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