Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yarn Along Wednesday

I'll keep today's Yarn Along post short because as bored as I am with knitting the Great White Thing, I can only imagine how bored you are of hearing about it.

hand knit baby blanket,
Great White Thing

It feels like a never ending project but in reality, it's almost done.  One more row of squares plus the border and presto-magic!  It will be a finished thing.  I'm fairly motivated to get this project off the needles.  I'm jumping up and down, can't sleep at night excited to move on to knitting with the Pittura yarn I showed you the other day.  I'm determined to finish the Great White Thing first. The deadline for Great White is fast approaching so I really need to stay focused.

So for now....  I'll keep reading Stephen King's Revival and knitting with white acrylic yarn.  As for Revival, I'm 71% complete per my Kindle.  I'll probably finish reading the book about the same time I finish knitting Great White.

Join the fun and share what you are reading and knitting over at Ginny's Wedensday Yarn Along.


  1. I hope you finish so you can move on to what your heart desires!! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! Tomorrow's my day off & if I can talk the girl child into doing the grocery shopping for me.... I'll stay home & hopefully finish the blanket.

  2. I spy lots of interesting texture there in your great white thing. :)