Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yarn Along Wednesday

I feel like I'm cheating with this blog post.  It's so short, it's more like a Tweet than a blog post.  Oh well.  I'm committed to joining Ginny's weekly Yarn Along, so here we go...

knit checkerboard pattern, baby blanket

I woke up to discover that.  Oops.  Oh well, at least I discovered it now instead of 20+ rows from now.

As for what I'm (not) reading....

books to read on the beach or in the bathtub

I took a trip to 2nd and Charles with my daughter on my last day off & picked up a few books for  bathtub & beach reading.  I haven't started any of them yet.  I did finish Joyland and another 'wounded warrior romance' this past week.  Sadly, I don't even remember the romance book's name.  The story was okay but the character's were whiney and I have a problem with whining.  Granted, the wounded warrior had something to whine about but he wasn't whining about his wounds, he whined about other silly, meaningless stuff.  The whining was just enough so that I finished the book but didn't bother to record the title in the old memory banks.

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