Monday, July 11, 2016

Shark Week

My current knitting project is a huge, giant white thing that I've been referring to as the "Great White" in my head.  I actually started off referring to it as the 'huge, giant white thing' but that's just too long of a name to think about.  Yarn Harlot was recently knitting a 'big white' thing and I didn't want to be accused of copying....  The idea of this giant white project, being knit from stashed, washable acrylic being a copy of Yarn Harlot's gorgeous, lacy, beaded Big White is a joke but....  Anyway, my huge, giant white thing became "Great White" in my head.  And now, the Jaws tune runs through my head constantly as I knit.

There are times in my life when I really, really wish my brain didn't insist on having a sound track  to go with every thought I have.

Great White

Anyway....  Great White is coming along.  Slowly.  Actually, considering my recent work schedule & my lack of enthusiasm for knitting with worsted, stash pile acrylic on larger needles....  I'm making fairly decent progress.

Have you noticed I'm trying not to say what the Great White is?  It's a gift so I'm doing my best not to label it but it's pretty dang obvious what it is.  Or at least what it will be.  What it will be if I ever have time and enthusiasm for knitting it, that is.

I've been binge watching Supernatural reruns while I knit Great White, which is helping.  Actually, I'm not sure you can call watching 20 minutes of an episode between shifts at work 'binge watching'  but it is what it is.  What ever you want to call it, I'm spending my free 20 minutes a day watching Supernatural and knitting on Great White.  In the show, Bobby Singer just died and I'm thinking I should probably call out from work today to stay home and comfort Sam & Dean.  I think they'd appreciate it and I'm sure Great White would.

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