Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm in trouble now

I'm in trouble now!  I'm going to need a second job.  Maybe a third, fourth, even a fifth job.
My newly discovered LYS

I found a new LYS.  I guess it qualifies as a local yarn shop.  It's a little further away than what what most people would consider local.  It takes about 50 minutes to get there but really, from our house in the boondocks, it takes about 50 minutes to get anywhere.  I'm calling it local.  I have an LYS!

I wasn't expecting much when I stepped into Knitting B's this past Saturday.  The online reviews were not plentiful and seemed to be mostly from someone who posted repeatedly about the shop being small & their irritation about it closing at 4 p.m. each day.  Considering my last LYS (which closed it's doors a few years ago) was only open a few random hours, four days a week and thought nothing of hanging a 'closed' sign on the door whenever the shop owner's child had any kind of sports activity or school function going on... I consider closing at 4 p.m. seven days a week to be pretty sweet.

Anyway....   I'm going to need another job.  Knitting B is not small.  It's not huge, but it's not what I'd call small. And it's fully stocked.  A little too well stocked for my budget, actually.  I entered the shop looking for something to knit another Pi shawl with.  I've had the urge to knit a gray tonal Pi shawl for a while now.  I walked out with everything but gray tonal yarn.

Louisa Harding Pittura, fingering weight wool

I was immediately drawn to this Louisa Harding Pittura.  At first glance, I noticed the reds and oranges and since it's been 99 degrees and about 4,000% humidity lately, I have a massive case of fall fever.  As I carried the future cowl around the store, I began noticing the blues & lilacs also in the skein.  It's summery too!  I can knit a cowl (or maybe a shawl) that I can wear in the fall when the temperature begins to dip and when I'm jonesing for the warmth of summer.  If you're interested, the yarn is color #9071.

Regia sock yarn
Regia 6-fadig

Next, I spied the Regia display.  This Regia 6-fadig 6 ply reminds me of Online sock yarn which I love.  I grabbed this skein which reminds me of a rocky woodland stream and I can't wait to cast on for a sock.  I've knit socks with Regia many times but never with 6-fadig.

Next, I noticed a knitted top that I just had to have.  The pattern is Twisted and honestly, I probably would never have chosen to knit it based on the Ravelry photos but after seeing an example of it knit....  I Need this top.  I really, really need it.

Louisa Harding Pittura fingering weight wool
Pittura, Color #9076

I've never enjoyed knitting with cotton or linen (which explains my lack of summer knit wear) so I decided to try knitting it with a light weight wool.  Or more Pittura, to be exact.  Have I mentioned how much I love Pittura?  Oh. My. Gosh!  It is so soft and comes in the Most wonderful colorways.

Pittura close up.
Color #9076

Just look at those colors!  If Twisted knits up okay with wool instead of linen, I'm already planning a second top.  Pittura comes in a mostly green skein too.

The staff at Knitting B's were all super helpful without being the least bit pushy or snobby.  (Unfortunately, odd hours were not the only problem with my old LYS.)  If you find yourself in Richmond, stop in for a visit.  You'll probably see me there.  That is, if I'm not out looking for a fifth or sixth job to pay for all the yarn I want.

And I still need some gray tonal yarn for that Pi shawl.

I am in so much trouble now!


  1. I followed the link for the yarn truly seems like an awesome place. I fell down the rabbit hole when I saw the sneak peek of the Dinner in the Eiffel Tower shawl. My needles are twitching to start it! :)