Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday Yarn Along

Thank goodness for Ginny's Yarn Along.  The 'season' has begun at work, the hours are long (I worked 43 hours Memorial Day weekend) and the knitting time is short.  But Ginny and her Yarn Along have given me purpose.

Knitting a striped crescent Reyna shawl and reading On the Beach.

Admittedly, I'm only a few pages further into On the Beach.  There just hasn't been much time to read.

There hasn't been much knitting time either.  Although I already had way too many projects on the needles, I couldn't resist starting another Reyna.  Or, I should say, a Reyna-like project.  I loved the simple open lace plus garter stitched areas of Reyna but I prefer rounded/crescent shawls to triangular ones.  There's just something about the triangular shape that either makes me feel like I'm 95 if worn shawl style or like a cowboy if worn scarf style.  So, I'm doing the Reyna row pattern but on a semi-circular shape.  With stripes.

yarn colors for a striped Reyna

Although I have several yarns in the stash pile that would be perfect for a Reyna shawl, they all needed to be balled.  I was lazy and lacking in time so I grabbed a few coordinating already-balled skeins and, well, we'll have to wait & see if stripes were a good idea or not.  I'd also love to add some beads but..... beads are time consuming.  Time is something I do not have these days.  Maybe if I'm still knitting on this one come fall when my work season ends, I'll do some kind of beaded bind off.  We'll just have to wait & see.


  1. Love your colours, they will make a fabulous Reyna.

    1. Thank you! I'm always nervous about picking out colors. I think I inherited some of my dad's colorblindness.