Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Black Woods

It's been quite a week.  The rain finally stopped, the sun came out (and brought the heat and humidity with it) and work has been fun in that horrible but exciting, I-can't-believe-we-survived kind of way.  We've had power outages, team meltdowns and wonderful moments when the team worked together to accomplish the impossible.  It's been fun.  But it's also been incredibly busy.

Because of work, I haven't gotten much knitting done.  I have the feeling that's going to be the case for most of the summer.  I've been knitting on my Reyna shawl almost daily, except by "knitting on" I mean I've knit a few stitches each day.  Stitches, not rows.  I really haven't made much visible progress on it.

I did, however, pull 'babysit the machine' duty one day this past week which allowed me to get a little knitting done on my Autumn Stripes cowl.  (And yes, I'm aware I've referred to the cowl by 4 different names since I started it.  I think Autum Stripes is going to end up being it's official name.)

hand knit cowl for sale at
Autumn Stripes
Most of our team despise 'babysit the machine' duty because it is THE most boring job on earth.  You sit by a machine & remind people not to put wet money into it.  That's literally all you do.  It's a horrid, horrid job for the hyper extroverted teens.  But for us introverted knitters who read....

Black Woods by Laura Wright LaRoche

I was able to get almost five inches knit on my cowl and I finished reading On the Beach and started Black Woods (another free Kindle book.)  According to my Kindle, I read 60% of it while on machine babysitting duty. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  Although....  I have to admit, it did not help my nerves at the end of the night.  At the end of the night, I had to walk through the darkened park alone.  It was terrifying.  Have you ever walked alone through a darkened theme park after hours?  Theme parks are such a happy place during the day, but at night... At night when the lights go out...  With the lights out, theme parks become THE most terrifying place on earth.   I was fairly certain the Black Woods beast was stalking me along with every single clown, spider and/or creature Stephen King has ever thought up.

I'd also like to point out to Mr. King (to all horror writers for that matter) that they are missing out on another truly terrifying thing-in-the-dark - the Coke-Cola recycle bin.  You've never known true fear until you've come face to face with a man sized Coke-Cola recycle bin in the pitch black dark.

But enough about heart stopping fear.  Join me and many other knitters over at Ginny's Yarn Along to learn about what everyone else is knitting and reading.


  1. You need to read JOYLAND. It is a Stephen King book about an amusement park. THEN walking in the dark will be super fun!

    1. Well, I may have to find a new job but thanks for the Joyland recommendation. It's now next in line on my Kindle.

  2. Babysitting the machine does sound boring, but reading and knitting would help. I don't think I could walk through an amusement park at night. Too scary!