Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On the needles

Or more like, what's not on my needles.  I didn't make any photo worthy progress on a single project over the weekend.  This whole working for a paycheck thing is seriously cutting into my knitting time.

knitted lace shawl http://www.ravelry.com/projects/jeanniegrayknits/pebble-beach-shawl
Pebble Beach

My Pebble Beach shawl is blocked, dried and wrapped around me.  That photo does not do the shawl justice.  It's raining, again, and our house is dark and dreary (and cold - thus the shawl being wrapped around me.)  There just isn't a good place to capture decent photo-taking light in our house on dreary, rainy days.

hand knit lacy shawl, Pebble Beach http://www.ravelry.com/projects/jeanniegrayknits/pebble-beach-shawl
Beaded bind off

I ran low on yarn and didn't think I'd have enough to knit the picot bind off that the pattern called for so I added beads instead.  I haven't yet decided how I feel about the beads.  Part of me thinks they look weird, part of me likes them.  I think I'd have loved them if I'd added a bead every third stitch instead of every fifth.  Oh well.  Whatever.  It's done, it's warm, it's snugly, it's long enough to wrap around me and it's knit in my favorite shade of Palette.

hand knit lace shawlette Indian Feathers
Mystery Shawl

While I had the blocking mats out for Pebble Beach, I grabbed this shawl from the 'For the love of God, weave in my ends & block me' pile and got 'er done.  This shawl has been in limbo for so long, I don't even remember the pattern's name.  Whatever the pattern is, I'm calling it a success. It's going to be a favorited shawlette/scarf this fall. Or maybe this summer if it doesn't warm up and stop raining.

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