Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's been a while

It's been a while since my last post.  I didn't do an end of the month/April in review post because there just wasn't anything to review.  Somehow I only finished knitting three things in April.  Three hats. Three hats that haven't been photographed.  One of which never will be because it was a gift & I shipped it off without ever taking a picture.  I did take one blurry in-process picture with my phone.

A cabled brim beanie hand knit with Cascade Quatro wool.
Kate's Hat

"Kate's hat" was knit with some Cascade Quatro that's been hanging out in my stash pile for quite some time.  The beanie has a mock cabled brim and is knit in one of my favorite colors.  The other two hats will eventually show up in my Etsy shop.

My lack of finished items has to do with my Pebble Beach shawl.  Karen over on Pumpkin Sunrise introduced me to the pattern.  Even though it took me a lifetime to knit the shawl, the pattern was simple and very well written.  I ended up doing a beaded bind off.  I was running low on yarn and was afraid I wouldn't have enough for the suggested Picot cast off.

I finished the bind off in the wee hours this morning and since I needed something to blog about today, I set it to soak while I was waiting for the coffee to perk.  I'm proud to say it's now on the blocking mats.

My hand knit lacy Pebble Beach shawl is being blocked.
Pebble Beach Shawl

I had to get seriously aggressive with the blocking.  It wanted to be bubble shaped instead of a crescent.  I pulled an tugged on it a while and finally wrangled it into it's proper shape.

I also got artsy with the photo.  I've discovered that 'getting artsy' hides a multitude of sins like bad lighting and blurry photos.  It also hides the fact that I'm using all my windows & doorways as an indoor clothesline.

So, yeah.  My house looks ridiculous with all the laundry hanging everywhere, but hey - at least I remembered to take the wet clothes out of the washing machine.  And, miracle of miracles, I remembered to remove the wet clothes on the same day they were washed!  Just call me Miss Productivity today.


  1. gorgeous pebble shawl!!! Love the way it turned out :) now if only it was chilly enough for a shawl!!

    1. LOL, as usual, my timing is horrible! That's alright. The spouse will have the a/c turned so low I'll need a winter parka before long.