Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Drifting with Reyna

Lately my Facebook feed has been nothing but photos and posts from people knitting Reyna.  I'm not normally one to knit the popular, trendy Thing but the pattern seemed like it might be a good use of some of the Mini Mochi I bought recently.  So...

hand knit shawl knit with Mini Mochi yarn for

The early stages of my Reyna.  Which I'm going to end up referring to as Revna instead of Reyna.  My printer is nearing the end of it's life and struggles to print letters that hang down below the line.  In other words, the "y" looks like a "v" on my printed pattern.

I'm loving the Reyna pattern.  It's simple and fairly mindless although it changes stitch patterns just often enough to keep me interested.  The pattern directions are well written and best of all, there's a row tracker with boxes to check off each time I finish knitting a row.  Besides not having to keep up with a row counter thingy, it's super sweet being able to glance at the pattern and know how many more rows I have to go before I change patterns.  For now, while the rows are so short, having this information isn't necessary, but later, as the shawl grows and the stitch count seems to grow 4,000% with each row, I'm sure having that information will be quite motivational.

And, since I'm participating in today's Yarn Along over at Ginny's blog, Small Things, I need to tell you about what I'm reading.  Except, the only thing I'm currently reading is some seriously trashy smut that was a free Kindle book and I'm just not ready to go public with that.  Instead, I'll tell you about what I just finished reading.

The Drift, a book about being lost at sea by Chris Thrall
The Drift

I just finished The Drift by Chris Thrall.  I love stories about being lost at sea, adrift in a life raft, trying to survive surrounded by water but with nothing to drink.  I've sunk practically every boat I've ever been on.  Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but I have sunk a few and I've swum more boats back to shore than I've sailed back.  Besides preparing me for the day I gather my courage to leave sight of land and I end up finding myself lost at sea in a life raft, those types of stories always make my own life's drama seem so trivial.  And sometimes I need to be reminded that my drama is minute in the grand scheme of things.

So, The Drift...  I enjoyed reading it but the ending left me.....  in speechless shock.  I finished reading the book a few days ago and I'm still slightly speechless over the ending.  I don't want to give anything away in case you decide to read it (which you should,) but....  I'm just speechless.  I keep thinking I misunderstood.  Three days later and I still have the urge to pull a Annie Wilkes on Mr. Thrall and force him to change the ending. 

And now, since thinking (and typing) about dehydration & starvation (have I mentioned I'm allergic to seafood?) has made my blood pressure rise, I'm going to go knit a few more rows of my Reyna to calm myself down.

In the words of Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knit on!


  1. Look at your yarn! Nice choice for spring!

    I've seen a thousand Reynas around, too, and printed the pattern months ago and am looking forward to starting. (And if only I could finish what's currently on the circular I would need for it, I would...discipline!)

    Anyhow, I had to comment because I love the check-list at the bottom of the pattern, too--super handy. I wonder why don't we see this in patterns more often?

    1. Sounds like a good excuse to go needle shopping to me. :) And yes, that checklist is fabulous! The designer is brilliant for adding it to the pattern.