Friday, April 1, 2016


Ooooh!  Look what I got in the mail...

Wicked from Morning Bright etsy shop for

It's Wicked from Morning Bright Yarn and it's fabulous!  It's 405 yards of heavier fingering weight wickedness.  When I look at the skein of yarn, I instantly imagine Snow White's Dark Forest and a tiny cold chill runs down my spine.  I ordered this yarn for the stash pile with no real plans for it but after seeing it, I'll be knitting socks with it.  Socks for me.  For me, I tell you, for me!  I would have cast on already except this yarn deserves the proper TV programing and I can't decide between re-binge-watching Once Upon A Time or putting Snow White on repeat.

The Huntsman slash Thor slash Chris Hemsworth
The Huntsman, courtesy of

I think the Huntsman in the Dark Forest may win out.

Hmmm, I wonder if new yarn plus the Huntsman on my screen would be an acceptable reason for not showing up for work this afternoon.

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