Friday, April 8, 2016

Thanks Billy

Thanks Billy Idol, I've got Dancing With Myself stuck in my head.  Except, I'm singing "laughing at myself" instead of dancing with myself.

Today was payday.  The first real payday of the season.  The last check only covered one day.  But today's paycheck was for those 89 gazillion trillion hours worked during Spring Break week.

My messy desk & office space after working 86 hours during Spring Break

It's no wonder this is what greeted me when I woke up this past Monday.  Apparently, I worked even more hours than I realized and my office paid the price.  Payday was even better than I thought it would be though so ...  It was well worth a messy desk.

Of course, I immediately hit Amazon.  I madly started pressing "add to cart" and spent an extra $40 to save $5 in shipping.

Oh laughing at myself,
Oh laughing at myself,
Well there's nothing to loose
And there's nothing to prove
I'll be laughing at myself....

I really should just break down and pay for Amazon Prime.  I always think it wouldn't be worth it, but after I spend an extra $40 five or six times a year just so I can get free shipping (have I mentioned how much I DESPISE paying for shipping?) I could have easily paid for Prime.  And bought a bunch more yarn to boot.

Oh laughing at myself....

Pebble Beach Shawl in progress
Pebble Beach OTN 4/8/16

One thing I'm not laughing at is my Pebble Beach shawl.  It's back on track after a lesson learned about not mixing lace and tear jerker movies.  I am still laughing at my x-rated typo in yesterday's post about my error.  Thank you, Ann, for pointing that out.  It's all fixed now, but I am still laughing about it.  That'll teach me not to skip proof reading just because the dinner bell is ringing.

Well there's nothing to loose
And there's nothing to prove
I'll be laughing at myself....

And dammit, I just realized I spent an extra $40 on silly stuff instead of buying a decent phone case that isn't Walmart pink.  I'm loving my new phone that I still don't know how to operate, but I am not loving the Walmart pink case I'm using.  Dear Walmart only had one case to fit.  One.  And it's "Walmart pink."  Ugh.

And... I'll be laughing at myself....


  1. I'm wearing my pebble beach shawl and love how wearable it truly is!! Love that song that is now stuck in my head :)

    1. Sorry I put the song in your head. It's so catchy, it's hard to get rid of. I can't wait to wear my pebble beach but you'd never know it based on the lack of progress I'm making.