Thursday, April 7, 2016


Okay, I'm not sure I'm truly a technophobe, but I'm definitely challenged.  In other words, the learning to use my phone saga continues.

I'm proud to say I finally figured out how to answer an incoming call.  I'm also quite capable of downloading apps.  I can even uninstall them!   That said, I still haven't figured out how to get my music onto my phone.

I signed up for Instagram. (I'm JGKnits in case you'd like to get in touch.)  I even posted a photo.

Minnie likes her bone.  A dog with a bone.  And a tongue.

A photo I took with the phone.  (See - I've learned to use the camera too!)  Except, when I posted it to Instagram, it and about 30 other horrible, terrible, very bad selfies also posted to Facebook.  I have no idea what happened there.

I also took a photo of today's knitting.

hand knit cowl on the knitting needles
OTN 4/7/16

The color is horrible.  The above picture is with the phone camera and the one below was taken with the DSLR.

Make Believe #2 hand knit cowl for
OTN 04/07/16

Even the DSLR isn't particularly liking the striped yarn's colors.  In real life, it's much darker & more plum-y and not so lilac-y.  It's also got much more green in it than is showing up in either photo.

Apparently, my photo issues are not phone related.  It's just me and my inability to take a decent photo.  It would be nice to blame the phone but.... Technophobe!

Another thing I can't blame the phone for....  the lack of progress on my Pebble Beach scarf.  I made the mistake of trying to knit on it while watching The Perfect Storm.  I was bawling my eyes out before the boat even left the dock and about the time the crew saw the first flash of lightening,  I noticed that I'd made a drastic mistake 4 rows back.  Of course, my lifeline was about 20 rows back so rather than frog it, I chose to tink it.  Four or five hours and many more tears later, I'm back to where I started.  Good grief.

Well, a wicked thunderstorm seems to be rolling in so I should probably go download the NOAA app & see what's up.  Maybe I can snap a badly colored photo of the lightening to share on Facebook Instagram.

Meanwhile, if you have any tips on using Instagram or how to get music onto my phone....  I'd love to hear from you.

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