Monday, March 14, 2016

Springing forward with coffee

Spring may actually be here.  Yesterday was the beginning of Daylight Savings Time here in the US and we are finally starting to see a few physical signs of spring here in the Glen.

our single daffodil, a sign of spring in Ruther Glen, VA
Our single daffodil

Our one faithful daffodil.  Since moving into this house 11 years ago, I have planted thousands of daffodils and each year one blooms.  One.  Only one.  And it's not even the same one each year.  But there it is.  Our one daffodil, not even in bloom yet.

And suddenly, the dogwood trees have sprouted buds.

spring has finally arrived in Ruther Glen, VA
Dogwood Buds

And now for the coffee part, because I need lots and lots of coffee to get me through the first few days of Daylight Savings...

knitting project bag decorated with coffee cups from
Coffee Cup Project Bag

My new knitting project bag from The Guy Who Sews.  Isn't it awesome?  I just love all those little to-go coffee cups.  The bag is perfect for me because anyone who knows me knows I practically bleed coffee.  This is my second bag from The Guy Who Sews.  The other bag gets used constantly and although I don't begin to treat it delicately, it isn't showing any wear or tear so I thought I deserved a second bag.  And my new coffee cup bag is already packed & ready to go to tonight's knitting group meeting.

All this coffee talk has made me thirsty.  And sleepy.  I think I'll go brew another pot.


  1. that's a great new project bag! love the coffee print, nice choice.

    1. Thanks! It's your fault I bought that bag. When I looked up The Guy Who Sews' web address to provide you the link, I noticed the coffee cups & just had to have it. :)