Thursday, March 3, 2016

On the needles

Just a very quick update on the knitting status...

hand knit socks by
Falling For You

My Falling For You socks are coming along, albeit, slowly.  The lack of progress is no fault of the yarn.  The yarn is delightful!  It's just my life.  Life has suddenly gotten in the way of my knitting time.  Anyway, the sock has a heel & if I can talk my daughter into cooking dinner tonight, it should have a foot by tomorrow.

Mr. & Mrs. Creepy Head modeling hand knit hats and beanies for
Mr. & Mrs. Creepy Head

Mr. & Mrs. Creepy Head are having a romantic moment in bad lighting, while modeling their hats.  Mr. Creepy Head's is finished and Mrs. Creepy Head's could be if I worked on it tonight instead of the socks.

The two hats are an interesting study in gauge.  They are both knit with the same yarn.  Different colorways, but the same yarn, (Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering)  Mr. Creepy Head's was knit with US3 needles while Mrs. Creepy Head's is on US2's.  The difference in texture is great.  Mr. Creepy Head's has a gauge of 6 stitches per inch, feels cotton-stringy, has lots of drape and is definitely a spring/summer/fall beanie while Mrs. Creepy Head's hat measures in at 7 stitches per inch, feels softer, squishier and thicker and has enough umph to stand up on it's own and even supports the weight of the needles.  All that variance with just one stitch per inch difference.  I find that sort of amazing.

dogs, pets are family too
Max the Hellhound

Meanwhile, Max is doing his Hellhound imitation & is outside barking at the pending snow storm.

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