Thursday, March 17, 2016

On the knitting needles

Seems like lately I've been writing a lot of these simple, 'here's what's on my knitting needles today' posts with a photo & not much else.  It's because I haven't done anything worth mentioning lately.  For the most part, I've spent my recent days either cursing the new eye glasses, fighting with the eye glass people, or trying to accomplish every single little tedious to-do item on my list before I start back to work.  This Sunday marks the beginning of the new season and naturally, since it's spring in Virginia, it was 80 degrees yesterday and it's supposed to snow on Sunday.  Should make for an interesting first day back to work.

Anyway, what little bit of knitting I've accomplished....

OTN Pebble Beach shawl and Falling For You hand knit socks
On the needles

My Pebble Beach shawl is slowly growing.  I'm at the 20% mark.  It may not look like I've made much progress but the last photo showed less than 5% completed.

My Falling For You sock #2 has a heel and the knitting tends to go much quicker once the heel is done.  Hopefully they'll be finished in the next few days.

Gray button band hat with leaf or pumpkin button for sale at
Button Band Hat

I started another simple button band hat.  I like to keep a stockinette project on the needles at all times to work on while I read my email.  Or just plain read.  I can easily knit stockinette and read at the same time but I haven't yet mastered the art of knitting any sort of pattern accurately while retaining the information that I'm reading.  Anyway....  I started this hat with the intention of using the leaf button but now I'm not so sure.  The button doesn't "pop" against the knitted fabric as much as it does against the skein of yarn.  The hat may become a Halloween hat instead.  What do you think?

squirrels are cute when they aren't eating your tomatoes.

And, just because squirrels are cute. At least they are when they are running around on the edge of the yard.  They aren't so cute when they are munching on the tomatoes you're desperately trying to grow.  But here in the Glen, we still have a few months before we even have to think about putting tomato plants in the ground so squirrels are still considered cute.

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