Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mitered Squares

Let's check on the status of the mitered squares blanket I'm knitting with scrap fingering weight yarns.

12 x 21 mitered square blanket knit with fingering weight sock yarn for
Mitered Square Blanket

195 squares out of 252 have been knit so far.  That means 57 more to go.  I knit 28 squares this month and if I kept up the same pace, I'd have the blanket finished by the end of May.  Let's clarify that.  I'd have the squares finished by the end of May.  The border will take a while longer.    But, since my work season has started and this project is too large & cumbersome to be a Take With Me project, I'm guessing I'll finish knitting those remaining 57 squares sometime next January.

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