Thursday, March 31, 2016

March in Review

How many knitting projects did I finish this month?

hand knit socks with a slip stitch pattern
Falling For You Socks

Okay, so my Falling For You socks haven't been kitchnered so they aren't technically finished, but the knitting is done.  I vote that they count as a finished project.  And as long as I'm voting, I vote that I need all the yarn from Knit Knot Studios.  This yarn was perfect!  The colors are gorgeous and somehow both bright & glowing while being muted & slightly worn/faded looking.  I LOVE the the colors in these socks!  And, the yarn itself was a dream to knit with, and, I had a ton left over.  I think the skein must have had way more yarn in it than the label said.

a men's slouchy hat for sale at

I finished the Buckman hat and got it listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

a hand knit hat for sale at
Yellow Watch Cap

Ditto for this yellow watch cap,

a green slouchy hat for sale at

as well as for the Poseidon hat.  Poseidon was another favorited yarn colorway.  The photo just doesn't do it justice!

decorative button band hat for sale at
Button Band Hat

And then there were two button band hats, a gray and a black, that I finished.  I haven't taken photos of the finished hats yet though.  Hopefully their day in the spotlight will come soon and I'll get them listed in the shop as well.  Can you guess which button I decided to use?

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