Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

My knitting life tanked but it's been a busy, non-knitting related productive and fun week.

I never could adjust to my new eye glasses.  I finally got where I could see with them for the most part, but two weeks later, I was still struggling to read with them.  Besides the reading issue, there were issues with the frames.  I kept having to go back to Walmart to have them adjusted and each time, the adjustment would cause a new problem.  By last weekend, not only could I still not see to read, but the hinges pulled my hair out every time I leaned forward, and I had a massive allergic reaction to the new nose pieces.  I ended up going back to wearing my six year old scratched pair of glasses and realized I could see better with them than I'd ever been able to see with the new glasses.  So, early this week, Walmart allowed me to return the new glasses for a full refund.  As much as I despise Walmart, I have to say, the eye doctor (Dr. Tsai) was great and the folks selling the eye glasses were fantastic to work with.  And the refund showed up in my bank account this morning so it is a good Friday!

Max, howling his happiness

Max is letting the neighbors know how happy I to have received the refund.

The boy child came home for a visit and a month-late birthday celebration.

Zack gets protective of his birthday boston cream pie

He got impatient waiting for the birthday Boston cream pie (his favorite) to be served so he decided to do it himself.  Then he got a little testy when I tried to help.

On Wednesday Sarah talked me into going with her to 2nd & Charles.  There's a new one in Midlothian so we decided to check it out instead of making the trip up to Northern VA.  We each bought lots of books, had Chili's Molten Lava Cake and enjoyed singing along to our road trip music.  Okay, I had fun singing.  Sarah was tortured by my singing.  What ever.  If you are in the area & haven't visited 2nd & Charles, you should.  Besides an unbelievable number of books, they also have a large stock of music & musical instruments as well as a variety of TV fandom stuff.  And if you are a homeschooler.... The place is Heaven!  You could easily create your own year's worth of curriculum for less than $50.

And since we'd eaten the Molten Lava Cake, Sarah dragged me into the woods for a hike yesterday.  I'm proud to say, I am capable of walking today.  Apparently, I'm not as badly out of shape as I thought I was.

So, while Max is sad that no knitting got done this week,

a sad dog

Minnie is happy that I had a fun filled week.  Okay, she's really just happy because I'm not too sore to take her for a walk.

a grinning dog, ready for a walk

I'm working all weekend so if I don't make it back to the blog,

Happy Easter!

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