Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Eye glasses & acid trips

A short knitting post and a long rant.

hand knit socks in slipped stitch pattern
Falling For You Sock #2

I'm proud to say, my Falling For You socks are not suffering from Second Sock Syndrome (SSS.) What they are suffering from is my sudden inability to see clearly, and thus, the rant.

I went to the eye doctor for my "annual" exam (meaning it had been six years!  Six!  Good Lord!) and ended up with a prescription for "thicker" glasses.

Do you wear glasses?  Do you wear progressive lenses?  Ah, the joy of progressive lenses!  I've been wearing progressive trifocals (yes, I am definitely my mother's daughter) for about eight years.  I remember it took a few days to adjust to them in the beginning.  If you don't wear them, it's hard to explain, but you have to hold your head just right to see at any given distance and until you build the required muscle memory of how to hold your head, life takes on a very acid trippy weirdness.  As you move around, what you see flies past your line of sight like you're reading at an old microfiche machine.  There's weirdness & halos and everything comes in & out of focus with the slightest movement of your head and/or eyes.  Once you build that muscle memory & instinctively know how to hold your head &/or where to point your eyes, it's all good and you're super happy you splurged on the progressive lenses.  But until then, life is weird & very acid trippy.

So anyway....  I picked up my new "thicker" lenses on Monday and life is still a giant acid trip today.  I'm headachey, a little nauseous from the microfiche effect and beginning to get a little frustrated.  I'd have thought I'd adjusted to the new lenses by now and I'm starting to think there's something wrong.  It almost feels like the left lens' progression is upside down.  I'll give myself one more day to adjust but if I still can't see to knit tomorrow, the eye doctor will be hearing from me.

Meanwhile, instead of knitting, I spent yesterday trying to read with only one eye (my right eye seems fine.  It's only the left lens giving me problems.) and sitting on the porch enjoying the sudden spring/summer like weather.  Last Friday, my daughter's classes were canceled because of snow.  Yesterday, I was sitting on the porch in shorts, a short sleeved top & barefooted.  You just have to love Virginia in the spring.


  1. I wear progressive lens and I remember that learning curve! Ugh. However I love them now, I think I've worn them about five plus years. I hope your glasses are all good by now!!

    1. Thanks! I've been wearing them 6 or 7 years & love them - or at least I loved my old, scratched pair. :) Since posting, I've had them adjusted & they seem better.